1.1 Delivery Time

SELYS is unable to guarantee a specific time of delivery but will endeavour to ensure that all deliveries are completed before 05.30 pm everyday. In the event of a delay, a Customer Care agent will be in touch with the recipient to inform of the delay.

1.2 Specific Delivery Time

In the event a specific time of delivery is required, such as 12 midnight for a surprise, it might be possible depending on the volume for the day and the distance. However, there is a charge associated with such special deliveries and the rate could be anything from 1.5 times the amount of the usual delivery to the said address. Users should contact the SELYS hotline to make arrangements for such deliveries.

1.3 Repeat Deliveries

In the event the recipient of a product is not available on the given date when we call over to deliver, SELYS reserves the right to charge for the subsequent delivery. In the event that the item/s is/ are damaged during the repeat delivery attempt, SELYS may not be able to replace same at no cost. If the item is not in deliverable condition, SELYS reservess the right to charge for the item as well.

1.4 Restricted Geographical Locations

SELYS may not be able to deliver all the products published to all parts of the country due to quality or serviceability related issues.

2.    Order Acceptance

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that there is a party available to accept the order at the point of delivery.

3.    Order Cancellation

Orders may be cancelled by the customer only. Further, only orders where processing has not commenced can be cancelled. In the event the order processing has commenced, SELYS reserves the right to refuse cancellation completely or agree to a cancellation where you will receive only a partial refund. Any production or purchase costs incurred at the time of receiving the cancellation request would have to be recovered from the customer.

4.    Order Refusal

4.1 Order Processing

In the event that your order is refused by the recipient due to any reason other than a damage in transit, SELYS will not be liable for the costs incurred by you. Such orders will be considered closed no sooner they are refused by the recipient. If you wish to consume the product, you may call over at the SELYShotline within the day to collect the item, but SELYS does not assume responsibility for its condition at that point.

4.2 Refunds for Refused Orders

In the event the order is refused, the party that placed the order will not be entitled to a refund. In the event of the ordered item being a non-perishable product of a particularly high value, the party that placed the order may request for a refund review. In such instances, SELYS will review the request and refund such monies after taking in to consideration all expected and unexpected costs and after deducting a processing fee of a minimum of 5% of the product value.

5.    Value Added Services

The options to pay cash on delivery, obtain warranties, have customizations done for products would be at the discretion of SELYS.

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